Healing Sessions

Feel the power of sacred sound flowing through the body, vibrating away stress, chronic pain, calming the mind, and enabling the body to heal itself.

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Sound Bath Journeys

Offering public and private group meditations and sound journeys in homes, yoga studios, and on stage venues, let us assist you in achieving deep relaxation, healing, re-energizing, and reawakening.

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Workshops and Training

Learn about the profound healing powers of sound and how we can assist ourselves and others to gain the freedom of true health.

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Healing with Sacred Sound

Using ancient tools and recently rediscovered ancient techniques, modern Tibetan singing bowl sound healing is exploding onto the forefront of primary healthcare worldwide.

As the earth ascends in frequency, many are having emotional and physical issues arise.  To heal and evolve in harmony we must release these lower waveforms, detoxify our bodies and minds, and re-energize our cellular structures, to come into alignment with these higher frequency energies and our true divine nature.

Combining these powerful ancient tools with modern wisdom, I have successfully treated over 1000 people around the world and I have taught over 150 how to effectively treat themselves and others of the most prevalent ills of society: stress, pain, and dis-ease.

My method is unique.  I build on ancient Eastern knowledge with Universal truths where the goal of supreme health is finally achieved when the divine masculine and feminine are united and balanced.  This takes judgement release, letting go of old habits, fully loving and accepting the self, and listening to what the body is trying to tell us.

Sound is a profound and simple way to begin to break up this physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual gunk that has been building up in secret for so long.  Now is the time.  We can make the choice to change and follow our dreams.

Join me on this evolutionary leap!


Private Sessions

Come in to experience a soothing, healing session designed for your needs.

Public Sound Baths

Join us for a public sound bath!  Enjoy a relaxing concert to release tension and feel renewed and refreshed.  Visit and like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date!

Get Certified

Attend an intro workshop to learn how this amazing science works and how it can help virtually anyone and any condition.  Join a certification class and gain the experience to practice yourself!