Come, lie down, relax, and let stress and tension melt away. The sounds bring us easily into a deeply meditative state, where our busy minds settle and our bodies can heal. Singing bowls placed on the body can work to further relax our muscles, releasing cellular toxins, clearing our energy meridians, and activating our self healing mechanism.

When sound and vibration are applied to the body, the tones relax the mind, melt away stress and the effects of long term stress, vibrate away pains and the causes of pain, and bring the body into coherent peaceful elevated harmonic wholeness. Sound is powerful medicine for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Each session is reported to be deeply profound and transformative.

In a sound bath meditation, everyone finds a comfortable place (typically lying down, though sitting is ok), relaxes, and lets the sounds wash over them. Clinical research shows pain relief, stress reduction, and dream-like/ spiritual experiences are typical. Other common outcomes are feeling lighter, feeling "reset", or just "at peace".

The sound bath is recommended for everyone. If you have a sensitive medical condition (such as pregnancy, arrhythmia, aneurism, metastatic cancer, thrombosis, etc), let us know prior to the start of the session - sound massage may be limited.

Please email Kirk at with questions and concerns.

Public Sound Baths

Come immerse yourself in sound and let go!


College Events

Champlain College: Meditation Mob!

Champlain College: Vermont Ibutwa Initiative fundraiser

Johnson State College: Badger Alternative Breaks Benefit

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