If you would like to learn more about how sound and vibration affect our health and well-being and how they can be utilized in a therapeutic setting, attend one of our exciting introductory workshops or world-class Evolvlove Sound and Light Academy certificate courses including our brand new 100-hour Sound Semester!

Here are our current offerings:


Join master sound healer, Kirk Jones, in this 2 hr experiential workshop, discovering the healing powers of vibrational sound. We will dive into history, theory, have demonstrations, and enjoy a group sound bath featuring crystal bowls, gong, and Tibetan bowl sound massage. Large bronze bowls may be placed on the front and back of the body then rung and sung to offer stress and pain relief while energetic pathways are cleared and harmonized. This method is safe, enjoyable, non-invasive, often life-changing, and is quickly spreading across the globe. Come and find out why. All invited.

Kirk with a simple and effective setup.


This 16 hour certification will focus on the theory and practice of using the powerful tones and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls as healing tools for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Looking at ancient and modern theory, we will explore the causes of disease and discomfort, leading edge treatments, and discuss medical implications. We will go over fundamentals of how to tone the bowls, body position, intention, and focus. We will learn how to provide treatments specific to instilling deep relaxation, calming the mind, clearing the biofield and reflexology meridians, cellular detoxification, improving circulation, reducing high blood pressure, resetting neural pathways, vagal toning, and reversing the effects of long term stress. We will learn powerful, effective, noninvasive treatments for specific physical ailments such as chronic and acute pain and discuss how to apply this knowledge in our lives and integrate these methods in our healing practices. We will learn methods for holding compassionate space for our clients, being present, and encouraging expressive emotional release and profound transformation. Other instruments such as crystal bowls, gongs, rattles, tuning forks and voice will be discussed and may be utilized as well.

This training is recommended for current and aspiring healing practitioners, therapists, healthcare workers, caregivers, meditation and yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers, business people, musicians, and anyone interested in learning and using this divine healing science in supporting health for themselves and those they care about.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes an Evolvlove Sound and Light Academy Fundamentals certificate. There are no prerequisites.

Level 1: Buffalo, NY – January 2020


This 16 hr course is designed for practitioners with fundamental proficiency at utilizing bronze singing bowls for healing and are looking to take their practice deeper, utilizing very large powerful bronze bowls (8-14″) and other sound tools (crystal bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks) to heal and harmonize the body and mind. This training includes in-depth information on the human energy system, how to work with it, and how it relates to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and overall health, focusing on body energy theory and movement, energy diagnosis and clearing, whole body treatment protocols, group sessions, and leading sound meditations.
This is 2 days of self transformation, giving and receiving, and expansion of your healing toolbox. Recommended for massage therapists and bodyworkers, yoga instructors and therapists, energy medicine practitioners, holistic doctors and nurses, aids and caregivers, those seeking self transformation, and any others looking to make a positive impact in their own lives and those they care about.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a Master Chakra Training certificate. Fundamentals is prerequisite.

Master Chakra Training: Fort Wayne, IN – May 2018


In this 16 hr certification we will learn percussion, yogic, and healing philosophies, sound and vibrational theory, basic and advanced striking, controlling rhythm, volume, and overtones, playing the 14 percussion points, utilizing 16+ striking techniques, several friction techniques, improvisation, and integrating sequences for grounding, vitality, relaxation, and release. Focus will be placed on personal healing, working with clients, and public performance. Neuroacoustics, energy hygiene, and conscious listening will be discussed.
We will be utilizing Paiste planetary gongs and many types of mallets. We may integrate gong with other sound tools as desired and you are welcome to bring your own gongs and favorite accessories.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a Gong Fundamentals certificate. There are no prerequisites.

Our first gong graduate! Burlington, VT – March 2019


This 16hr fundamentals certification starts with music theory (intervals, binaural beats, chords, entrainment) and how sound affects health and consciousness. Crystal bowl methods like toning, pairing, multiple bowl geometries, on body and off-body techniques, and sequences are taught and practiced for relaxation, peace, and activation. Emphasis will be placed on clearing self and space first and holding compassionate space for your clients. Partner work and sound meditation performance are included.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a Crystal Bowl Fundamentals 16 hr certificate.


This course builds on the crystal bowl fundamentals training and adds more bowls, more complex techniques, and chakra theory and practice. Fundamentals is prerequisite.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a 16 hr certificate.


Weighted and unweighted tuning fork methods are taught, on and off of the body, to harmonize the body and field. We will look at music theory, notes, frequencies, intervals, Pythagorean and solfeggio tones, and more. We will work with aura and biofield theories and developing listening and feeling sensitivities. Then we will work on the body with acupressure points, marma points, 5 and 7 meridian theory, Arcturian theory, yin & yang, and polarity theory for clearing, activation, connection, and flow.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a 16 hr certificate.


Build proficiency in using bronze bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments for sound meditations. Solidify music theory and layering and progression of sounds. Create a plan, follow it, and improvise.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a 16 hr certificate.


Focus on how vibrational touch (with bronze bowls, crystal bowls, and weighted tuning forks) can release soft tissue tension, relieve pain, and downregulate the nervous system. Work with specific muscle groups, trigger points, marma and acupressure points, and reflexology to foster whole-body wellness.

This course is offered by master instructor Kirk Jones and includes a 16 hr certificate.

Kirk seated with smile. 4 gongs behind him, 7 crystal bowls in front, and dozens of bronze bowls
Asana Charlestown, MA