What is Sound Healing?

How does it work? What are the actual causes of disease?  How can we heal?  Come to an Intro workshop to explore these topics, see live demonstrations, and experience a sound bath!

Introduction to Sound Healing

In these Introduction to Sound Healing Workshops we will go over the theory, history, and benefits of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, do live demonstrations, and have a live sound bath! To understand its power, it must be experienced.

Sound therapy can be profoundly healing for nearly all common complaints because it works at the roots of disease and discomfort - vibrating away stagnant energy, tension, and cellular toxins while allowing the body to come into harmonious alignment.

The beautiful tones considered sacred by many Eastern traditions act to relax the body and mind, bringing us into a deep meditative state where we can let go of the day to day and gain clarity on our paths. Combined with the energetic and cellular clearing, sound therapy is often experienced as a reawakening... like hitting a reset button.

Come see for yourself how easy it is to free yourself, friends, and loved ones of the most painful and troublesome health concerns and see how easy it is to relax, reset, and reawaken! Also great for issues that doctors and "medical" science don't know how to treat.

Learn How!

Join one of our upcoming Level 1 workshops and become certified through the International Academy of Sound Healing!

Sound: The Ultimate Medicine for Body, Mind, and Spirit
IASH Advanced Training Certification

The Advanced Training Workshops focus on the theory and practice of using Tibetan singing bowls as a healing tool for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is a 2 day, 16 hour certification offered by IASH master instructor Kirk Jones. This workshop includes an International Academy of Sound Healing (IASH) Advanced Training Certificate.
In addition to general theory, we go over fundamentals of how to tone the bowls, body position, intention, and focus. We learn how to give treatments specific to calming the mind, clearing the aura and reflexology meridians, detoxifying the joints, improving circulation, reducing high blood pressure, reducing the effects of stress, guiding group meditations, as well as treating specific physical ailments like chronic and acute pain. We also discuss how we can apply this knowledge in our lives and integrate this in our healing practices.
This training is recommended for current and aspiring healing practitioners, therapists, caregivers, meditation and yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers, businesspeople, musicians, and anyone interested in learning and using this divine healing science in supporting health for themselves and those they care about.

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Feedback from our Trainings:

"The bowls are a magical addition to the work I already do with clients and friends. It is taking my sessions deeper"

"The level 1 sound healing training exceeded my expectations. Kirk Jones is very knowledgeable and has a fun teaching style."

"I loved this experience! It was absolutely enriching and probably life-changing! I always felt very taken care of and I will love to learn more about this powerful way of healing."

"For anyone interested in the practice of sound healing, this hands-on workshop is a great first experience!"

"I really appreciated Kirk and his teaching style. He was very patient and worked well with our group dynamics. He not only taught us the routines from the book, but took us deeper. His experience using the bowls shines through and was very valuable to me and my learning. He also made it clear that he has a huge heart for his students. Thank you!"

"This was a very informative and hands on workshop that I am so very pleased to have been able to attend. I have always been fascinated with sound and the effect on our minds and bodies and I am really looking forward to incorporating this in my yoga teaching and meditation offerings. Kirk was fun, light and easy to work with. He gave great feedback and information and I am also excited because I can retake the class sometime in the future and that this program has many levels to further education in the future. Many Thanks!"