Jennifer Parmelee and Kirk Jones to provide Yoga and Sound program via Menla Online

JULY 26 – JULY 26, 2020



An afternoon of Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra accompanied by the healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls and other sound tools. This workshop assists people and the planet with harmonizing and cultivating wholeness while expounding upon relaxation, self-elevation, emotional release, pain relief, joy, peace and clarity. Students will spend 5-15 minutes in postures along with an experience of guided meditations, pranayama, and chanting, while providing moments for journaling or sequence structure. The intention is to experience harvests of soundness within one’s energy that can then easily be implemented into a briefer daily practice. Yoga props and a journal to write in are highly recommended ie: 2 Bolsters, 3 Blankets, 2 Blocks*** Bolsters can be substituted with pillows and blocks with books.

4 – 7 pm EDT, July 26, 2020