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7 Sacred Flames 7 Week Course – Online

March 22, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - May 3, 2023 @ 8:30 pm


Wednesdays, March 22 – May 3, 7-8:30PM EST on Zoom

Watch the Introduction class here: https://youtu.be/rG3zYks41lk
It gives you a feel for what each class is like.

Fly with us on this 7 week journey to awaken the 3 fold flame (of love, wisdom, and power) in your heart. Awaken your Divine Presence within you through initiations and activations of the Flames of Ascension, Healing, Resurrection, and Transmutation.

Each week we will practice healing methods on ourselves and each other and journey in sound and consciousness to sacred flame temples around the Earth.

Join us to co-create the most amazing world possible.

We want your dreams to come true!


You are invited on this journey to activate your highest and fastest evolutionary pathways and to assist the Earth and Humanity to evolve on their highest and fastest pathways. Please enjoy this opportunity to understand, experience, grow, utilize, be attuned to, and unite with these 7 frequencies of higher light.

The 7 Sacred Flames are gifts from higher conscious realms for us to manifest the most benevolent reality on Earth. As the Earth is shifting and resetting in these times, it is critical that we clear ourselves and align with the highest possible outcomes for ourselves, the Earth, and all beings.

These 7 weeks will be a transformational journey of healing, empowerment, and magic, where we will learn how to invite these rays of light to bring joy and ease in our lives and how to apply them in our world.
(Everyone is using – or misusing – these energies everyday, but most are not conscious of the use or the effects. This course is about being conscious of the effects and consciously creating our reality.)
Everyone can do it and results are guaranteed – if you are a participant and not just an observer 😉 You are also welcome to join as an observer – no judgment there.

This light blends beautifully with sound. Sound opens us to receive light. These rays of light provide healing and change our lives in miraculous ways.

These 7 classes will be held via Zoom on Wednesdays, March 22 – May 3, 7-8:30PM Eastern US Time
Registration: $234
Returning graduate: $117
Sliding scale is possible.
Recordings will be available.
Send any questions to [email protected].

Recommended text: “The 7 Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones, Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 2007.
Optional texts: Telos Volume 1, 2, and 3; 7 Sacred Flames Prayer Book; Ascension Flame Ceremony Booklet.
Texts can be ordered at: https://www.mslpublishing.com/
ebook: Cosmic Ascension Pathways by Amerissis Kumara

3/22 – 1st Ray – Blue – Divine Will
3/29 – 2nd Ray – Yellow – Divine Mind
4/5 – 3rd Ray – Pink – Divine Love
4/12 – 4th Ray – White – Ascension Flame of Purification
4/19 – 5th Ray – Green – Flame of Healing and Abundance
4/26 – 6th Ray – Ruby Gold – Flame of Resurrection
5/3 – 7th Ray – Violet – Flame of Transmutation

Each class begins with a color activation meditation, an in-depth teaching, question and answer, partner work, then a sound journey attunement at a 5th dimensional temple of light. After class you will be sent a link to the class recording with a recommended homeplay assignment for the week and helpful links. We will go over homeplay at the beginning of the following class and integrate the past lessons throughout.

Important: Know that calling these flames into your life is calling in change. If you participate in class, your life will change. It is Universal Law. Some aspects of the class may awaken absolute bliss and some aspects may present opportunities to resolve issues in your life with ease and grace.

This is a profound opportunity for the universe to support your evolution in the most beautiful ways if you invite it and surrender to it 😊

See you there!

Kirk Jones had a mystical experience on Mt. Shasta 22 years ago and when he returned 7 years later he was drawn to a book about the city inside the mountain. This, the first of a series of channeled books called ‘Telos’, would expand his mind and understandings of the nature of the world and universe, and later inspired what has come to be known as the Sacred Flame Sound Journey. These understandings, tools, and methods are designed for these times (and far into the future) and are filled with infinite joyous loving light.

All are welcome.
Please share, invite friends, and host watch parties if you like.
These are important tools. If you want to participate, but would like to contribute a different energy exchange, please message me for options.
If you’ve taken this class before, you can re-take for review at half price.

“Fabulous class! Kirk is very knowledgeable on the Sacred Flames and Telos. The sound journeys were absolutely amazing!”

“I asked for the light to heal me when I went to bed and I woke up in the night and my room was full of light – Thank you so much for introducing me to this magic!”

“I imagined pink light in my office before I got there and when I arrived my co-worker said ‘it feels like the whole office is full of love today. What happened?’ Thank you!”
This is a foundational class of the emerging Evolvlove Sound and Light Academy healing curriculum. Like Reiki, Sai Ma Diksha, and other practices of divine light healing, the 7 Sacred Flames must be understood, felt, attuned to, and practiced for mastery. This course is a gateway to infinite possibilities. All welcome.
Wednesdays, March 22 – May 3, 7-8:30PM EST


March 22, 2023 @ 7:00 pm
May 3, 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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Kirk Jones
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