Our Approach

90% of disease today is caused by stress.  What the sounds do is calm the mind and calm the body.  Stress causes blockages, deficiencies, and excesses in the physical and energetic bodies that these sounds begin to smooth out.  This clearing can be experienced as feeling vibrations, seeing colors and visions, revisiting memories, releasing emotions, dramatic pain relief, sudden pains may appear that soon vanish, re-awakening, re-energizing, re-balancing, feeling freedom from burden, and total relaxation.  The results are unlimited.  It must be experienced!!

Integrating sound healing with energy work, breath work, light work, vocal release, guided movement, ecstatic movement, massage, emotional release, and habit and judgement release, our work is truly unique and powerful in a grounding, loving, and supportive way.

Life can be so stressful and even painful.  We provide relief.

Life can be so confusing.  Many ask, "Why are we sick?"  "Why do events keep reoccurring?"  "How can I find balance?" "How can I elevate spiritually?"  "How can I raise my vibration?"  We provide answers.

We all need so much love and support on our paths.  We are honored to provide.

Our Story

Seeing cancer rates soar through the roof, losing my father to cancer, and nearly my mother, I knew I wasn't being told the whole story.  After 2 engineering degrees, traveling around the world, and experiencing considerable personal spiritual evolution, I began to be drawn to books and methods that just made sense.  I am finally beginning to piece together everything that we should've been taught from birth - but we just weren't ready yet.  Now we are.

Meet the Team

Kirk and Robin lead sound baths and private healing sessions using Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, flute and drum.  Kirk teaches singing bowl sound healing.  Robin makes didgeridoos and teaches how to play them.

Kirk and Malaika BWR

Kirk Jones


Kirk is a master sound healer, spiritual teacher, and ecological engineer.  Kirk travels nationally and internationally leading workshops, healing sessions, and implementing sustainable design.

Robin and Didg

Robin Hanbridge


Robin is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a big heart.  Successfully using sacred sounds and sacred herbs to keep his long-term Lyme's in check, he has been offering sacred herbs, healing sessions, and sound journeys for many years.

Want to learn more?

Whether you want to book a session, attend a sound bath, learn how to utilize singing bowls to heal yourself or others, or just learn more, look around our site, visit our facebook page, or come in for a session.  Please contact us using any of the methods a the bottom of this page!